Today’s Forecast – Sunni with a Touch of Isaac

Sooooooo couldn’t resist the play on Sunni’s name!  Snort snort!  LOL  Sunni and Isaac are my cousins so I can get away with it.

I’ve been wanting to shoot Isaac since he was a kid!  And I finally got my chance.  {That was me being funny again.}  But, seriously, I have wanted to do a photo shoot with Sunni and Isaac for a long time.  Sunni is just beautiful and her personality totally comes thru in her images.  Isaac is so cute and is incredibly FUNNY!!!  He had both Sunni and I cracking up the entire shoot.  There are some pretty goofy shots that I’d better not share with anyone.

We braved the cold, the burs and weeds, fleeting light and wild animal poopies as we tromped through the wilderness in search of the perfect location.  Clearly we found it.  🙂


  1. Macki West

    Are you kidding me right now? ADORABLE!!!!! I feel like this is a commercial with two really cute and really talented actors. But no it’s the real deal and my real family!

  2. lyndysue

    Oh, Mikell, these brought tears to my eyes! So incredibly beautiful! You are so talented – guess it helps to have such a cute couple for subjects! My treasured son and his gift from God, Sunni Marie. lovelovelove

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