Thales = Cuteness

This weekend I got to meet Thales when his mom and grandma brought him to the studio for his first ever professional photo shoot!  Thales has learned to make bubbles and showed me how to do it . . . over and over and over!  So funny!

His mom brought some adorable outfits for him to wear but he would cry every time I got near him with the camera.  We decided to do some diaper shots which cheered him up immediately.  Clearly Tallis likes to be au natural!  I think most babies do.  🙂

Thanks for a lovely afternoon!  I hope Thales comes back for more because I adore him!  These images make me smile because he’s just so happy!


  1. Nancy

    Cute photos. You are a great photographer! I also loved the ones of Taylor Willi and his sweetie. CUTE couple, little soul mates. Thanks for sharing. AND congratulations to Jordan and his fiance! Wow! Busy year for you all.

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