Jason + Angi

Omgosh I love this couple.  So funny and so nice.  Met them almost a year ago while doing a shoot for Pin-ups Love Pound Pups (PAWS) 2012 Calendar.  An amazing organization that raises money for shelter doggies and puppies.  They do so much more . . . please visit them here if you’re looking for a new pet or want to help out.

So, back to this gorgeous couple . . . they haven’t had a professional photo shoot in 10 years so it was about time!  Angi is a natural in front of the camera . . . and so photogenic.  Jason, I hear, was a little nervous, but it came off as being super mellow and cool.  LOL

Our inspiration came from a photo shoot with David and Victoria Beckham for “W Magazine” a few years ago.  We took off a little edginess and added a little more glamour and attitude.  I think their images came out amazing!


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