Saja + Kristin

Just a few words to describe  Saja and Kristin . . . fun, sweet, shy, smart, beautiful, handsome, loving, in love, kisses, passion, laughter, and funny.  I know there are more words to describe them but these are the words that will give you a quick idea of who they are.  One word I didn’t mention is lovely.  And they are so lovely together.

We met up in Provolt, OR, did a few shots there, and then headed to the Applegate Store.  We then raced to a sweet little spot in Williams to finish their engagement shoot.  The lighting was so beautiful . . . a photographer’s dream!

Thank you Saja and Kristin . . . I had a great time chasing the sun with you  and can’t wait to shoot your wedding at the Applegate Valley Ranch.


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