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BFFs – Angi and Shelly

Okay, please correct me if I get my facts wrong but I do believe that Angi and Shelly have been best friends since before they were born.  These kinds of friends, lifelong friends, don’t come along very often and when they do they are the most precious of friendships.  These gorgeous gals grew up across the street from each other on a sweet and sleepy little street in Grants Pass.  Their neighborhood is kind of idyllic really.  To this day they are still the best of friends and are inseparable.

Angi and Shelly wanted to recreate an image of the two of them in front of Angi’s parents home that was taken when they were just five years old.  Look at how cute the original photo is?  Shelly is rocking the then popular Dorothy Hamill hair-do.  And Angi? She’s rocking that big ol dress!  Sooooo CUTE!!!  How in the heck did Shelly (on the right) get into that pose?  It was pretty funny trying to get her in that same pose, especially because “things” have changed!  LOL  But she managed.

I am so thankful to know these beautiful women whom I have come to adore.  I’m sending you x’s and o’s . . . lost of them. 🙂

photo credit goes to Angi’s beautiful mom


in front of Hannah’s Restaurant on 5th Street in Grants Pass DELISH!!!

rugrats hanging around the shoot

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