twin sisters . families . napa . ca

Stephanie and Brittanie are already beautiful enough without adding handsome husbands and adorable kids.  Not to mention that they are all just really cool people. About six hours away from Grants Pass, Oregon, this little family shoot in Napa, California started out with Stephanie and Michael making out in the woods (kidding!!)…seriously though, they NEVER stop smiling.  They’re just so in love and so enjoying their time together.

Next stop was Brittanie and Scott and their beautiful babies!  I love photographing kids because you never know what’s going to happen.  There’s crying and laughing and pouting and smiling.  Kids keep me on my game! But this kind of stuff is the really good stuff.  The real life stuff.  I’d rather capture this any day!

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  1. Mindi Nielsen

    These are absolutely gorgeous pictures of their girls and their guys (and kids)! You do some fantastic work Mikell – you are truly a beautiful artist.

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