Cutie Pie Owen

I should have titled this post Mr. Chub Chub…that’s what Owen’s mommy calls him.  LOL  I call him little Mr. Handsome Pants!  When I arrived at their house Owen was smartly dressed in a plaid button up shirt tucked into to white jeans pulled up way above his belly button…he could not have looked cuter.  But then his mom put a blue knit hat on him and his cuteness factor went up even higher!

I wish I could post all of Owen’s images because he makes THE funniest faces.  He looks right into the camera and gets goofy!  Seriously cute.  Anyhoo, I love this family.  They asked me to take their maternity photos several months ago and, Wa La, they have a baby now.

Thank you to all of you for letting me take your family photos…I heart all of you! 🙂
mikelllouise photography-5

mikelllouise photography-3

mikelllouise photography-1-3

mikelllouise photography-1

mikelllouise photography-2

mikelllouise photography-6

mikelllouise photography-7

mikelllouise photography-8

mikelllouise photography-9

mikelllouise photography-13

mikelllouise photography-10

mikelllouise photography-15mikelllouise photography-14

mikelllouise photography-12

mikelllouise photography-2-2

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