Fun, Quirky Commercial Shoot

I have been hired to do some editorial style photography for a stock photography business…it’s so much fun because I get to play!!  The images need to be clean and simple and appealing but there is also room for playful images that jump off the page.  My beautiful cousin modeled for me…I think she did an amazing job!!  Cutest darn little super owl I’ve ever known!

Hair and Makeup:  Mikell Nielsen

mikelllouise_fb-6 mikelllouise_fb-7 mikelllouise_fb-8 mikelllouise_fb-13 mikelllouise_fb-9 mikelllouise_fb-10 mikelllouise_fb-11 mikelllouise_fb-12 mikelllouise_fb-20 mikelllouise_fb-14 mikelllouise_fb-15 mikelllouise_fb-16 mikelllouise_fb-17 mikelllouise_fb-18 mikelllouise_fb-19 mikelllouise_fb-4 mikelllouise_fb-5 mikelllouise_fb-3 mikelllouise_sofi-1 mikelllouise_sofi-2 mikelllouise_fb-2 mikelllouise_sofi-3

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