The Wedding of Jared and Carissa

Having known the bride since she was a little girl I was definitely emotionally invested in this amazing day . . . the day Carissa married Jared, the man of her dreams, in front of their closest family and friends at the beautiful home of groom’s parents in Southern Oregon.  I had to get a hold of myself a few times when I was about to burst into tears! After a beautiful ceremony and delicious mexican dinner everyone headed to 4 Daughter’s Irish Pub in Medford where they celebrated with more friends and family…everyone had a great time. Congratulations Jared and Carissa…I wish you only love and happiness together forever. xoxo mikelllouise photography-3 mikelllouise photography-4 mikelllouise photography-1 mikelllouise photography-5 mikelllouise photography-2 mikelllouise photography-9 mikelllouise photography-8 mikelllouise photography-7 mikelllouise photography-6 mikelllouise photography-11 mikelllouise photography-13 mikelllouise photography-10 mikelllouise photography-12 mikelllouise photography-15 mikelllouise photography-21 mikelllouise photography-22 mikelllouise photography-20 mikelllouise photography-23 mikelllouise photography-24 mikelllouise photography-29mikelllouise photography-1-2 mikelllouise photography-33 mikelllouise photography-1-3mikelllouise photography-31 mikelllouise photography-32 mikelllouise photography-34 mikelllouise photography-39 mikelllouise photography-41 mikelllouise photography-38 mikelllouise photography-42 mikelllouise photography-44 mikelllouise photography-45 mikelllouise photography-48 mikelllouise photography-49 mikelllouise photography-50 mikelllouise photography-52 mikelllouise photography-54 mikelllouise photography-36 mikelllouise photography-55 mikelllouise photography-37 mikelllouise photography-56 mikelllouise photography-57 mikelllouise photography-58 mikelllouise photography-60 mikelllouise photography-61 mikelllouise photography-67 mikelllouise photography-63 mikelllouise photography-62 mikelllouise photography-59 mikelllouise photography-65 mikelllouise photography-66 mikelllouise photography-27 mikelllouise photography-53


    • I’m so glad you like the images Nancy. It’s impossible to take a bad photo of those two gorgeous people. It was so nice getting to know you and your beautiful family!

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