A Challenge . . . want to join me?

Hey everyone!  It’s Mikell from mikelllouise photography. I’ve decided to challenge myself by improving my blogging skills and am starting with a proper introduction and a little insight into who I am, what I do, why I’m blogging, who I’m blogging for and what you can get out of it, and bring you up to date on what I’ve been working on lately!

About me I’m a complex, creative individual who thrives on having fun and making people laugh.  Photography is my medium of choice, however, I also love to paint…it’s just been a while since I picked up a paintbrush.  Music moves me every step of the way as does my family and my friends…they are my life source.  If I could, I’d wear super comfy jeans and t-shirts every single day…throw on a cute little boyfriend cardigan and call it good.  I love animals and wish I could have one of (almost) everything.  I grew up with a Saint Bernard dog…it’s my wish to share our home with another one.  My hair is red and I like eyeliner.  Okay, random bits of information but that’s how my brain is working today.  I like cool and quirky people.  I like genuine and kind people.  I do not tolerate rude behavior…it’s so much easier to be nice.

The artistic side of me is kicking down the walls I have built around myself…the walls are made up of negative thoughts like “what do people want?” “who should I be?” “stick to the rules!” and all that gobblygook.  I am saying “who cares!”  I am saying “break the rules and be yourself!”  I’m saying that I’m going to be brave and just do what I like, what I love and what makes me smile…the rest will follow!  This is not to say that I do not care about other people and their feelings because I do, very much.

What I do  I do lots of things but for the purpose of this blog post I facilitate people to feel amazing things about themselves through photography and genuine interest in who they are and who they want to be.  With photography I am able to surprise people by helping them to let their guard down, let it all go and just have fun in front of me and my camera.  And we’re making something amazing happen…we’re stopping time…we’re framing an emotion, a feeling, a look that will be gone forever in an instant…but we stop it and document it.  In, say, 50 years when my clients look at that image they will remember and smile.  That’s what I get to do.  And it’s amazing.

Why I am blogging and who am I blogging for To be completely honest I am blogging to gain interest in my photography.  It’s a marketing tool used by bazillions of people to get themselves out there whether it be for their business, their personal voice, to share something or to find something.  I’ve been a terrible blogger because I never know what to write about or to whom I’m writing….but I think I’m figuring it out right now as I write this.  I’m writing to people like me.  People who love art. People who want to have a connection with something or someone genuine.  People who want to have a laugh. People who need to hear “BE YOURSELF…GO ON!  GO FOR IT!”  So, it’s more than just for business isn’t it? Be it in front of the camera or behind it…just freaking GOR FOR IT!

What you might get out of reading my blog  I’m not entirely sure yet.  You will get to see images of some very cool people and see their story…maybe this is their fairytale, maybe this is just them as who they are right here and right now.  I hope that my photography journey helps inspire other people and artists to just let it go.  Be daring.  If you are a photographer I hope you will feel inspired and share with me as well..I want to learn and grow just as much as anyone else.  If you are someone who wants their photo taken I hope you see something that makes you feel inspired to be brave and call me, or whoever fits your style, and set up a dang photo shoot.  Your story in photos is waiting for you!

What I’ve been up to lately  Lately I’ve been not caring which in turn is helping me to care more about what I want to do. As far as photography, I’m photographing mostly high school senior photo shoots now…and surprisingly getting a lot of inquiries from guys and I’m having a lot of fun.  I’m into making my clients look and feel really cool right now.  I’m into being the “Unsenior Portrait Senior Portrait Photographer”! LOL I’m all about doing my own thing and not sticking to the status pro quo…and I LOVE IT.  If you’re sensing a little rebellion going on here you are on to me.  LOL

Well, that’s it for today folks.  I’m doing this for seven days to see if I can do it.  I can do it right? If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much…xoxo


  1. This is wonderful Mikell and sooo you! Honest, fun, quirky, adorable but what’s missing is talking about your amazing talent as an artist and photographer, which I realize is tough since no one likes a bragger, so damnit, I’ll do the bragging! You’re an amazingly talented photographer and artist, so fun on photo shoots, not afraid to try something new, I love your work & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching it blossom through the years in leaps and bounds! I will forever cherish the photographs you’ve done for my family and I, they’re my favorites! Wishing you the best and a huge following, you so truly deserve it!

    • Kerry…you are way too kind. I can say all these things about you and Bill and Ferguson Fabrication…you are one of the most amazing artists I know…a true talent and a beautiful soul. xoxo

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