Hidden Valley High School Senior . Tanner

On personal style…I love it.  When my clients bring their unique personal style to a shoot it inspires me like crazy and my brain explodes with happiness.  Why not have fun with your looks…with what you wear and how you put it together?  Sunglasses, hats, or whatever it is that helps to define your style are great ways to express yourself and to have fun.  Tanner knows this! I wanted to steal his black frames for myself…missed my chance.

Thanks Tanner for a really awesome afternoon.

Tanner’s senior photo shoot was shot in Grants Pass, Oregon.
mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-3 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-4 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-5 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-6 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-7 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-8 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-9 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-10 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-11 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-12 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-13 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-14 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-15 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-16 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-17

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