Kennedie . High School Senior . 2015

Kennedie’s senior photo shoot was taken at Red Lily Vineyards in Jacksonville, Oregon this week on a typical rain-sun-rain-sun fall day in southern Oregon.  Luckily we missed the rain but Kennedie was up for it either way which was cool because the light was really beautiful and she rocked it!  Her images are gorgeous and moody…love them!

Sarena of Moxie Salon did a fabulous job with Kennedie’s hair and make-up…thanks Sarena!

mikelllouise_kennedie-2 mikelllouise_kennedie-3 mikelllouise_kennedie-4 mikelllouise_kennedie-5 mikelllouise_kennedie-6 mikelllouise_kennedie-7 mikelllouise_kennedie-8 mikelllouise_kennedie-9 mikelllouise_kennedie-10 mikelllouise_kennedie-11 mikelllouise_kennedie-12 mikelllouise_kennedie-13 mikelllouise_kennedie-14 mikelllouise_kennedie-15 mikelllouise_kennedie-1-3

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