Afternoon with This Girl . Part 1

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Styled shoot with Steph shot in Medford, Oregon (Southern Oregon) this weekend on a chilly autumn afternoon.  I’m in love with this shoot…it’s moody, it’s sexy, and it’s fun.  I love it.  I said that already.

Steph had the sniffles.  Can you tell?  Nope! Me either.  She rocked it in spite of the sniffles.  Thanks Steph! 🙂

We shopped hours before her shoot at Ross of all places.  Because anytime as I ask someone “Where did you get that super cute __________?” They almost always reply with “I got it at Ross.”  Really?  Because I never have much luck there.  But I did this time. I was throwing stuff at Steph left and right.  AND added bonus…I don’t want to have to spend much for a styled shoot so Ross was a double win this day.

The first dress you’ll see is a sweet little Calvin Klein number with zipper pockets.  Paired with some leopard print tights and raspberry colored heels and it became a chic but still playful outfit.  The second outfit breaks down like this: cute teal sweater for color, funky fuzzy black vest, Steph’s leggings and black shoes.  It’s super cute and casual yet styln.  Both outfits are relatively minimal but show her quirky personality…love it!

So you see the “Part 1” up there in the title of this post?  That might lead one to think there will be more of this feature. And one would be correct.  This is a two part series.  Mainly because I couldn’t narrow it down to one part.  I’m in a smart ass mood today…my apologies! LOL

Hair by Steph and Mikell

Make-up by Steph

Styling by Mikell and Steph

Photography by Mikell of Mikelllouise Photography – alternative and artistic photography

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