afternoon with this girl . part 2

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Part 2.  Part 2 of 2.  So this is it folks.  The beginning of the end.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I had fun taking them.  Steph is a dream to photograph…I wish we’d had more time to do more!

So, as I mentioned in Part 1 this is a styled photo shoot shot in Medford, Oregon.  For this portion of the shoot we visited Jefferson Spirits in downtown Medford. If you haven’t been there yet you need to hop in your car right now!  This is a modern version of the television show “Cheers” where you get great drinks, amazing food and are greeted by some of the coolest and most friendly people.  Love this place!  Home of Bacon Jam!  Just try it.

So many of you have asked about the sweater.  The super cute hooded and stripy sweater.  We got it at Ross in Medford…hurry because you know their cute stuff sells out fast.  We were going for a snuggly cozy look for part 2…it’s all about sweaters and layering.  I really love both looks that are perfect for this chilly autumn weather we are experiencing.

Speaking of chilly weather, grab a warm cup of your favorite something, a blanket, put on some good music, light a few candles and check out these images.  Then throw in a good movie.  I think it’s a “What About Bob” kind of day personally.

Hair by Steph and Mikell

Make-up by Steph

Styling by Mikell and Steph

Photography by Mikell of Mikelllouise Photography – alternative and artistic photography

mikelllouise_steph_part two-2 mikelllouise_steph_part two-3 mikelllouise_steph_part two-4 mikelllouise_steph_part two-5 mikelllouise_steph_part two-6 mikelllouise_steph_part two-7 mikelllouise_steph_part two-8 mikelllouise_steph_part two-1 mikelllouise_steph_part two-10 mikelllouise_steph_part two-11 mikelllouise_steph_part two-12 mikelllouise_steph_part two-13 mikelllouise_steph_part two-9 mikelllouise_steph_part two-14 mikelllouise_steph_part two-15 mikelllouise_steph_part two-16 mikelllouise_steph_part two-17 mikelllouise_steph_part two-18 mikelllouise_steph_part two-19 mikelllouise_steph_part two-20 mikelllouise_steph_part two-21 mikelllouise_steph_part two-22 mikelllouise_steph_part two-23 mikelllouise_steph_part two-24 mikelllouise_steph_part two-25 mikelllouise_steph_part two-26 mikelllouise_steph_part two-27 mikelllouise_steph_part two-28

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  1. Nice work as usual. I really think the reflections (with the coffee mug) are very cool. I think the blackboard with the buildings white molding are a great background… you frame the shots really nicely.. as you say, “alternative photography”

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