High School Senior . Nick . 2015 Grad

Photo shoot of Nick taken at Spiegelberg Stadium in Medford, Oregon this past weekend. Nick plays football.

I love football!!!  Actually, no.  That’s a fib. No I don’t.  Daaaang I hate having to throw myself under the bus like that.  I would rather drink an entire bottle of hot sauce than watch a game of football {I’ll be dodging lightening bolts for that}.  So, the hook is that I do totally get “the passion” for it.  The passion that the players, coaches and fans have. I really appreciate the age-old traditions that football teams and the fans carry on.  I get it.  I sooo get that!  I could get a little emo about it.

My son played football and I loved watching any game he played…I became an instant football fanatic every single time he walked on the field.  So maybe I should reword my previous statement to say that I only love football when my son is playing.  That’s fair.  BUT I think that quite possibly, after meeting Nick and his mom and his girlfriend, who I like so much, I might love football if I were at a game with them watching Nick do his thang.

I really did have a great time hanging out with Nick and getting to know him.  He’s The Bomb.

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