Happy Holidays Photo Shoot . Estes Family

Family photo shoot on a chilly winter day at The Boat Christmas Tree Farm in Murphy, Oregon. (Thank you Boat Family).

I LOVE THIS FAMILY!  They are funny and they are loving and they are funny and they are funny.  Seriously! They are the best.  I double dog dare you to find a better family. Triple dog dare you even! BONUS…I think almost all of us stepped in wild animal poo and it just made us laugh more.

I hope your holiday season is a wonderful as this family is.  And that you have lots of love and laughter in your life.

estes family-1 estes family-2 estes family-3 estes family-4 estes family-5 estes family-6 estes family-7 estes family-8 estes family-9 estes family-10 estes family-11 estes family-12 estes family-13 estes family-14 estes family-15 estes family-16 estes family-17 estes family-18 Holiday family portraits

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