Au revoir 2014 and Bonjour 2015

Goodbye 2014…

2014 was a challenging year and so rewarding as well.  It was a year of rebirth and growth for me as an artist.  It was a year when I decided to be daring and shoot for myself and what I like.  To shoot from my heart.  To let my photography style reflect who I am as well as the crazy thoughts that race through my mind…otherwise known as creativity.  It was scary. It was exhilarating and liberating.  To be true to yourself is the best way to be…finding yourself can be hard to do (rereading that I see how ridiculous that sounds).  When you think you should do things the “right” way even tho it goes against your grain…to realize that the only “right” way is really your way is awesome!  Aaaah, this year has sooo been about all this for me.

Hello 2015…

Here’s what I want from the new year…I want simplicity.  I want more of what’s good and real and true.  I don’t want to struggle to exist.  I want to live and feel and breath and have amazing experiences and adventures. Spending more time doing things that feed my soul so that I can give more to others is something that I will be working towards.  I want to continue to be grateful for this beautiful life I have and for the beautiful people who I already know and for those I have yet to meet.  I also want to start walking again…not for just getting from point A to point B…but you know, like, for exercise.  If I’m successful I will burn through two pairs of tennis shoes this year!  Brrriiiiiinnnggg iiiitttt oooonnnn!  🙂

Thanks to all of you…every single one of you…you supported me in some way.  You trusted me with your insecurities, your memories, your families…THANK YOU!!  I’m sending you a big smooch…hurry, turn your cheek or it’s landing straight on your lips!

Go out and make it your best year ever!  You deserve the best!  xoxo

Here’s a retrospect of some of my favorite images from 2014!
mikelllouise mikelllouise mikelllouise_fb-6mikelllouisemikelllouise photography-7 mikelllouise photography-13 mikelllouise oregon coast southern oregon boudoir-1 mikelllouise boudior photo oregon-5 grants pass boudoir photo mikelllouise-8 mikelllouise boudoir photographer grants pass oregon mikelllouise boudoir mikelllouise boudoir photographer grants pass oregon mikelllouise senior portraitsmikelllouise southern oregon photographer-3 mikelllouise photography mikelllouise photography mikelllouise photography mikelllouise photography http://mikelllouiseblog.commikelllouise photography-1-3 mikelllouise photography-24 mikelllouise photography-21 mikelllouise_cameron_blog-3mikelllouise senior portraits_top 20 blog-12mikelllouise_mini people shoots mikelllouise senior portraitsmikelllouise wedding photography_ryanbritta-1-2 mikelllouise wedding photography_ryanbritta-71 mikelllouise wedding photography_ryanbritta-5mikelllouise_senior portraits_randiann-2 mikelllouise_kassidy-9 mikelllouise-2 mikelllouise-18 mikelllouise-1-2mikelllouise_kennedie-4 mikelllouise_tanner_proofs-2 mikelllouise_luke_proofs-12 mikelllouise_ryan_senior-16 mikelllouise_carly_jack-22 mikelllouise_carly_jack-7mikelllouise photography_senior portraits-17 mikelllouise_steph_part two-10 mikelllouise_ferguson family-15estes family-17 christian clark proofs-10 nicke janakes senior-16mikelllouise_best friends-2 mikelllouise_senior portraits mikelllouise - baby photographymikelllouise-7

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