be who you want to be . part one . a styled fashion shoot

Do you ever just want to get on the bus and go?  Somewhere.  To mess up your hair, throw on something a little edgy and just be someone a little wilder than who you are every day?  Tap into that inner rocker chick? For me, I’d love to hit the road with a band as their personal tour photographer…capturing all the gritty details of tour life.  Not sure I could really hang with the rock life but the idea of it sounds freaking amazing…you know, minus the drugs, the endless alcohol, the groupies and the months and months and months away from home.  Yeah, minus all that…

It’s probably better for me, and everyone else, if I just stay home and live in my little fantasy world…me and my camera creating the idea of it.  So, let’s get to it then shall we?

In this fantasy world I had the pleasure of putting my gorgeous and hot rocker model Alysia “on the bus.” For hair and makeup and overall vision, I had the honor of working with Tia Reagan…I refer to her as “Tia, the Famous Stylist” because she’s insanely talented and creative and colors outside the lines.  Something I truly appreciate and something that feeds me as an artist.

And wait wait wait!!!  Have you noticed that cute orange skater dress?  Kathy at Violet Continued (located in downtown Grants Pass, Oregon) trusted me with an armful of clothes and accessories for this shoot.  Under that dress is a vintage black slip with a toulle ruffle that gave that sweet dress just enough edge. The slip and this cute little vintage gold clutch is also from Violet Continued. Lalalove!  We threw in Alysia’s own hat and boots to finish off the look! Right on!

mikelllouise photo_rocker-7 mikelllouise photo_rocker-13 mikelllouise photo_rocker-17 mikelllouise photo_rocker-9 mikelllouise photo_rocker-12 mikelllouise photo_rocker-11 mikelllouise photo_rocker-10 mikelllouise photo_rocker-3 mikelllouise photo_rocker-4 mikelllouise photo_rocker-5 mikelllouise photo_rocker-6 mikelllouise photo_rocker-8 mikelllouise photo, styled shoot mikelllouise photo_rocker-14 mikelllouise photo_rocker-2 mikelllouise photo_rocker-16 mikelllouise photo_rocker-18 mikelllouise photo_rocker-1 mikelllouise photo_rocker-1-2 mikelllouise photo_rocker-2-2

Shot in the beautiful Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon.

Stay tuned for more when Alysia explores her inner bohemian self…


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