be who you want to be . part two . a styled fashion shoot

Part Two of “Be who you want to be” continues with my model wearing two bohemian inspired dresses from Violet Continued (a quaint clothing boutique in Grants Pass, Oregon).

A bohemian can be described as “optimistic, free-spirited, creative and nonconformist.”  Sometimes I fit this definition.  And sometimes I don’t.  How about you?  Are you free-spirited, creative?  Possibly even a rebel?  Maybe you are like me and are different things at different times.  What matters is that you are who you want to be and that you express yourself in whatever ways you want to.  Be it through clothing, attitude, art, music . . .

Tia Reagan (local stylist) and I collaborated to put these two looks together . . . drawing inspiration from our surroundings at Pacifica Gardens in Southern Oregon.  It’s beautiful and wild and was the perfect backdrop for this fashion shoot.  A special thank you to my model, Alysia, who brought it all to life! xoxo

hair and makeup – Tia Reagan of Freebird Productions

photography – Mikell of mikelllouise photography

dresses – Violet Continued

model – Alysia Wang

mikelllouise photo_fashion-25 mikelllouise photo_fashion-24 mikelllouise photo_fashion-23 mikelllouise photo_fashion-21 mikelllouise photo_fashion-19 mikelllouise photo_fashion-18 mikelllouise photo_fashion-17 mikelllouise photo_fashion-16 mikelllouise photo_fashion-15 mikelllouise photo_fashion-14 mikelllouise photo_fashion-13 mikelllouise photo_fashion-12 mikelllouise photo_fashion-11 mikelllouise photo_fashion-10 mikelllouise photo_fashion-9 mikelllouise photo_fashion-8 mikelllouise photo_fashion-7 mikelllouise photo_fashion-6 mikelllouise photo_fashion-5 mikelllouise photo_fashion-4 mikelllouise photo_fashion-3 mikelllouise photo_fashion-2 mikelllouise photo_fashion-1

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