Styled Boudoir Session with Ashley

In January I put out a model call on Facebook looking for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and possesses a specific attitude and a certain confidence for an upcoming styled boudoir shoot I was planning.

I got an overwhelming response from the most amazing women who, in every right, deserved to be in this shoot as well.  But I had to chose just one person and I had a certain look and feel in mind.  Kind of similar to finding the right actor to play a role in a film or play.  The character was there, the idea was there…I just needed someone to bring her to life.  Enter Ashley.  A previous dancer, a business owner, mother of three and just overall busy busy mom without time to spare.

Ashley was fairly quiet when she arrived.  Confident but quiet.  Athena started hair and make-up and we just chatted and got to know one another.  Once we started shooting Ashley’s confidence was on fire!  This is the part of boudoir shoots that really inspire me…when it takes on a life of its own that is genuine and real and just so damn much fun!  To see a woman’s confidence and comfort grow is so empowering.

I am so excited to post these images and share them with all of you.  If not just to prove that boudoir photography doesn’t have to be in-your-face-sexy and racy in order to be sensual. . . and even sassy.  It’s more in the way a woman carries herself. The way she feels about herself affects everything about the her photo shoot.  She can be dressed in clothes from head to toe, not showing a bit of skin, and still be incredibly sensual and beautiful.  Sometimes it’s just a t-shirt and panties that help her feel special…whatever it is, Ashley clearly has it.

Ashley, you brought so much to the shoot…I can’t thank you enough.  You inspired me.  You  inspired Athena.  We thank you. 🙂

Hair and Makeup – Athena Severance of En Vogue Studio in Grants Pass

White vintage slip, vintage necklace with red jewels, silver sweater and Lucky Brand bracelet by Violet Continued in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Model – Ashley

Photography – mikelllouise photography

mikelllouise photo_boudoir-1

mikelllouise photo_boudoir-2 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-3 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-4 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-5 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-6 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-7 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-8 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-9 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-10 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-11 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-12 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-13 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-14 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-15 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-17 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-18 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-19 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-20 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-21 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-22 mikelllouise photo_boudoir-25

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