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2015 . Senior Rep . Sofi

mikelllouise_sofi_cover-1“She just had this way of brightening the day.” author unknown

I am lucky.  The right people always find me. Sofi is the kind of person who is genuine and caring and thoughtful and giving and intelligent and real…the kind of real that makes you feel comfortable in her presence regardless of how insanely intelligent and beautiful she is.  She doesn’t use those things against others, but uses her assets to lift others up.

So, I am incredibly happy to introduce Sofi…among some pretty wonderful things, she is also my 2015-16 Senior Rep for Hidden Valley High School!  If you’re going to be a senior in the fall ask Sofi about my photography services…if you have your senior portrait session with me you’ll get something special that is only available through her.

My clients come to me wanting something different and creative and, just cool. So, if this suits you contact me and I’ll send you some details.

Thanks so much to . . .
Athena Severance of En Vogue in Grants Pass for the beautiful hair and make-up
Blue Door Salon & Boutique in downtown Grants Pass for the amazing clothes and accessories
Locations – downtown Grants Pass, Whistling Duck Farm and Store, Pacifica

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