five frames

The assignment – To choose my five best frames from this year.  And then give a brief explanation why they are.

My first reaction – Dayum this is gonna be fun! I get to share my work to other photographers whom I respect a great deal.

My second reaction – Oh crap!  I get to share my work to other photographers whom I respect a great deal.

Well, well, well.  This was not an easy feat.  I’m a tough critic when it comes to my own work and thought I’d be lucky if I found one or two shots that were my absolute best.  So, imagine my surprise when I found several, more than several, images that I was emotionally attached to.  And then I had to wittle them down to five.  Five little images.  Again, this was not an easy feat.  But I did it and I’m still not sure I chose correctly. I had to omit some that I love just as much as these five.  That was sad. 🙁  So, these may not actually be my five best frames from the past year, but they are certainly in the top 20.  Thank you to all the incredible people in these shots because I think, i know, it’s more about you and less about me.

Frame One

This old school bus was near the side of the road just asking us to be daring and jump in  (we snuck onto the property to take these…naughty, naughty).  It was perfect for this styled rocker chick shoot.  It looks like the model is going on tour with the band…I love the idea of an adventure like that…it represents something in me that I am missing…I think I live too safely.  I also love the colors and the moodiness of this shot that make me feel something…not sure what that is, but it’s something.

she got on the bus

Frame Two

This next image was also taken at the same styled shoot.  I love the textures in this image and the kind of lonely look on the model’s face (whom, by the way, had never modeled before…she’s just a natural).  She looks trapped in a big bird’s nest…the opposite of the bus shot.

mikelllouise_5 favs_alysia_1-2

Frame Three

This couple has been together for several years but have lived in different states for quite a while…yet they’re very connected and very much in love.  This image shows all of that…their grip is strong.

mikelllouise_5 favs_justenalysia_1-2

Frame Four

My 11 year old baby girl.  We went fishing a few weeks ago and this is what she chose to wear.  Always thinking about fashion of course. I love her spirit!  She was watching hundreds, if not thousands, of pollywogs literally torpedoing out of the water.  I was completely enjoying watching her fascination with this crazy-wonderful scene.  And I relive my childhood through her.  She’s an amazing person and she teaches me and reminds me to play.

mikelllouise_5 favs_carlen_1-1

Frame Five

This beautiful woman is going through a transition in her life and wanted to do a boudoir shoot in celebration of that…I think this image and her expression show the story she’s been living.   Her eyes are piercing straight into my soul.  She’s incredibly genuine and beautiful and I love her pink hair.  She’s an amazing woman!


Thank you DARE Photography Workshops for this challenge. It is good.


  1. Sarah

    Love this 💗
    This is the first dare challenge I’ve done and I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s amazing work and wonderful comments and compliment’s towards each other.
    Thank you for sharing x

  2. Oh these are gorgeous. The black and whites are full of atmosphere, character and are just beautiful. The rocker chick shot is super cool and very exciting. But for me, as a lover of great portraiture, the final shot is a killer. It’s utterly compelling and her expression says so much – and her eyes! Fantastic work 🙂

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