Justen . Photo Shoot

A moody fall afternoon photo shoot with this guy . . . Justen

mikelllouise_justen_powell-1 mikelllouise_justen_powell-2 mikelllouise_justen_powell-3 mikelllouise_justen_powell-4 mikelllouise_justen_powell-5 mikelllouise_justen_powell-6 mikelllouise_justen_powell-7 mikelllouise_justen_powell-8 mikelllouise_justen_powell-9 mikelllouise_justen_powell-10 mikelllouise_justen_powell-11 mikelllouise_justen_powell-12 mikelllouise_justen_powell-13 mikelllouise_justen_powell-14 mikelllouise_justen_powell-15 mikelllouise_justen_powell-16 mikelllouise_justen_powell-17

One comment

  1. Rita

    From one happily imperfect Louise to another, BRAVO to you! Love love love your new site!!

    Can’t wait to see what you bring back from London!

    Ever think of offering photography classes?

    xoxo Rebel Louise Squared

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