Joe . Miranda . 1960s Inspired Shoot

This cool 1960s inspired shoot (shot in downtown Grants Pass, Oregon) is one of my favorite styled shoots ever!  So grateful to the following people for being  a part of this great experience . . .

Joe and Miranda – thank you for asking me to be your photographer and for being the beautiful people you are…you truly rocked your shoot and pushed yourselves out of your comfort zones. Your great style was spot on and added so much to these images!

Damion Travoto and Ron Gillaspie of Rogue Barbers in Grants Pass – your barber shop was the perfect backdrop for this shoot…greatly appreciate you accommodating us and being so gracious.  My son just had The Sasquatch Delight beard treatment today and loved it!

Athena Severance of En Vogue in Grants Pass – for helping to organize this shoot and for setting up our location with Rogue Barbers…you’re the best, gal!

Gorgeous tattoos by Jeff Gogue of Gogue Art in Grants Pass, Oregon.


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