DARE Workshop . Part One

This workshop, the Dare Wedding Photography Workshop, is an experience I’ve been waiting to have for two years. It’s something that I knew I had to do. Something that, if I didn’t dare to do, I might, well explode. Seriously. The need to do this created a feeling inside of me similar to getting up in the morning, and breathing, and eating. There just wasn’t any way I wasn’t going to do this.

So, on March 15 I packed my bags and shipped myself off to London, England for what would be one of the most interesting and insightful experiences I have ever had thus far in my life.  One of the most challenging and stripped naked experiences I might add.

I’m still processing everything that I heard and felt and experienced.  Information is still coming in as I settle back into my normal life in the United States.  Although I don’t think it is the normal I left behind…but a new normal through fresh eyes and new insight that I hope to bring to my photography.  I am, at the very least, excited about the possibilities that lay inside me. The possibilities that only I can make materialize. I’m excited and rejuvenated!

Here’s my first attempt at street photography…something that horrified me before going to London. I think the idea of being asked to do this was more frightening than actually doing it. And when you’re afraid, sometimes you have to say “what the hell” and do it anyhow. So I did. These may not be the most amazing images…but they are something I am proud of nonetheless because I took a deep breath and said “What the hell!”

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