DARE Workshop . Part Two

Day two (and the last day) of the Dare Wedding Photography Workshop in London, England brought more challenges, more insight and pushed me to work through some stuff. I love being pushed. I didn’t, for one second, think this was going to be a walk in the park in a pair of old comfy shoes…but instead envisioned it more like walking on a gravel road in stilettos! But in a good way. A really good way. I’m eternally grateful for these people and this experience.  Imagine being surrounded by your peers who only want the best for you, who want to see you succeed and who are open and honest and genuine.  If the entire world was more like this group I’d possibly not have a worry in the world for the good of humankind. True.

I’m excited for my first photo shoot since the workshop. Excited to push myself even farther and to have fun and explore the amazing opportunities I have in front of me.  How lucky are we as photographers? We get to forever freeze a moment that will never come back.  It’s all fleeting and slipping through our hands but we get to steal it and keep it forever…to share with our family long after we are gone…proof that we were here and that we loved and lived and breathed. It’s magic really.

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