Taylor . Personal Photography Project

It’s good, as an artist, to find things that give one the opportunity to create. Creativity doesn’t just happen at will. It has to be loved, lured, encourage and exercised.  After the DARE Photography Workshop in March, I came home with fire in my soul to get shooting. To not wait for inspiration to happen but to make it happen.

I remembered meeting Taylor, a barista at The Human Bean, months ago when I was picking up a coffee.  Unknowingly, he inspired me to ask him to model for a personal project…my intuition about people is usually spot…and it was…I was so glad he took me up on this opportunity.

Seriously, I’m in awe of Taylor and his ability to open up and join me in having fun and also with feeling a little uncomfortable at times.  It’s okay to feel that way and just sit in it and work it out. During those times I think we got some intimate and touching frames.  It’s not my job to make everything rosey and perfect. In fact, I much prefer some grit and character and “imperfections”. This is where the good stuff is for me…in the emotions is where all the amazing things are.

Shot in the downtown area of Grants Pass, Oregon and parts of Murphy as well.

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