One of the most honest and real photo shoots I’ve ever had…I’m learning to sit into my nerves and let things be how they are going to be…without going into a photoshoot with my usual plans…and I had no plan with Taylor. Typically, I have some ideas or inspiration when I go into a shoot but part of growing as a photographer and artist, for me, is learning to let go and see how things unfold.  This is pretty unnatural for me…a recovering perfectionist and someone who likes to know what’s going on most of the time.   But I am a rebel at heart and I’m loving this.

So, I embraced what was to come.  And here’s what awaited me…an almost barefoot trek through poison oak, some minor heat stroke (one or two of these images may have been shot while I was laying down trying to recover from nausea and a near fainting episode. Note to self, maybe think about preparing a little bit and not let go quite so much in the future. Oh, and water. Drink water.) But, before and after that, I had fascinating conversations with Taylor and learned a lot about life as he knows it and his recent 10-day retreat experience…which sounded positively life changing.  Also, where we did his shoot! It was a gorgeous little spot just off the road…a little hike in and WOW…so much beauty. Oregon is the bomb.com. It really is.

We ended the night at his childhood home where he is visiting for a few more days…a very sweet and memory inspiring moment. There’s something very special about coming home.

So, today I am thankful for Taylor and the light that shines from within him…he’s a beautiful person and I’m in love with the images we created together. Thank you Taylor!

rebellouise_taylor willi-1

rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-1 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-2 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-3 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-4 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-5 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-6 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-7 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-8 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-9 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-10 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-11 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-12 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-13 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-14 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-15 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-16 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-17 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-18 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-19 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-20 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-22 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-23 rebellouise_taylor willi_blog-24rebellouise_taylor willi_cover-1-2

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