“She was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.” unknown

This photo shoot with Dez was shot in beautiful downtown Grants Pass, Oregon. đŸ™‚

rebellouise_dez facebook_2-1 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-2 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-3 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-4 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-5 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-6 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-7 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-8 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-9 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-10 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-11 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-12 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-13 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-14 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-15 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-16 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-17 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-18 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-19 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-20 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-21 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-22 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-23 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-24 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-25 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-26 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-27 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-28 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-29 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-30 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-31 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-32 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-33 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-34 rebellouise_dez facebook_2-35

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