This is not my typical post and I hope that you will appreciate the art and what these photos represent. They are a group of unapologetic and real and unphotoshopped images, and an homage to the natural beauty of a woman. These images are also edgy and elegant and rock n’roll all the way.

I’m not sure I would have taken these images without the support of an amazing photography workshop I attended in England earlier this year. So lots of love to Gary Lashmar of Marshal Gray Photography and his Dare Wedding Photography Workshop for continuing to support all of us to be more daring and to continuously show up. And a big thank you to all the grads who are just amazing and inspiring as hell.

Please, only kind and supportive replies to this post. If you want to show your support you are encourage to do that.


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  1. Vanessa

    These are stunningly beautiful and thank you for sharing them. It’s such a breath of fresh air in todays world of unrealistic expectations with programs like photoshop – to capture the purest of moments in all its vulnerabilities is an inspiration to women everywhere.

  2. Kelly

    There is so much art and a story in each photo that you don’t even notice the nudity. To be able to see a story through a photo is true talent. Congrats to the artist and the model for the continence to show such beauty.

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