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Mark and Tiana shared their love and devotion with, and for, one another and their family and friends on a gorgeous September day on the front lawn of the Bigham Knoll Campus, a sweet old schoolhouse and campus that sits atop a hill in quaint Jacksonville, Oregon. This place is seriously cool, complete with old classrooms and vintage lockers that line the hallway.

Tiana opted out of the traditional veil for a more edgy, yet beautiful, crystal headband and some killer sparkly heels that were the prettiest shade of champagne. She spent the morning getting ready with her bridesmaids, drinking mimosas, while they all skillfully did their own make-up and hair like it with was nothing. They are, after all, all talented hairstylists themselves.

Mark wore a navy blue suit with suspenders and a floral tie. His morning was spent setting up the band’s instruments and hanging out with his groomsmen, his father and father-in-law in an old school room, complete with chalkboards and textbooks.

Separately, Mark and Tiana are stunning. Together, they are a really gorgeous couple and both the very best kind of people. And if it really is true that we are reflected in the hearts of our family and friends, then you would have to agree that this is a remarkably beautiful couple, inside and out.

After the ceremony, guests dined in the biergarten on an amazing vegan meal prepared by the Schoolhaus Brewhaus, sipped on beer and wine and devoured fluffy cupcakes. And then it was just a big celebration from there on.

When you are the lead singer of a local Indie rock band you do not get married and hire a great DJ and call it good. No, no, no…there is a certain kind of pressure, or responsibility, or desire, to play some live music. So you ask your band, The Evening Shades, to join you on stage to perform while you sing to your beautiful new bride. And not just any song. Not just any compilation of songs, but your wife’s favorite Beatle’s songs, and, more importantly, a special song you wrote just for her! And if that’s not enough you ask her father to join you on stage to play bass. And if that’s not enough, you ask your 4-year old son to sing John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy”. Okay, that’s enough. There wasn’t a guest in the crowd who wasn’t grinning, or crying or rocking out. I can still hear Caden’s sweet little voice singing along with his dad…one of the most beautiful renditions I have ever heard.

So, with gratitude, I thank you Mark and Tiana for asking me to be a part of your amazing day. I wish you all the happiness your hearts can hold, and then some. Much love.



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