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Stutesman Family

I’ve had a few people travel from afar so that I could photograph them. It’s always humbling and a little surprising I might add. Not that I’m not confident in what I do, but more like “wow, you’re willing to travel for it?” kind of feeling. The Stutesman family drove from Eugene to Grants Pass just for their family photo shoot. Caroline found me from a wedding I shot this summer…remember the Stambaugh wedding? Turns out she went to school with the bride who happens to be my cousin.

Anyhow, I’m such a big believer in finding your people. And the Stutesman family are definitely my people…genuine, fun and very loving as you will see from their images. They are a beautiful family and I feel lucky to have had some time with them.

So thank you Caroline…I hope you guys had fun and ended up finding somewhere great to eat before you headed home. xoxo

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