Ian . Sassy

This summer my photography studio partner and I had a grand unveiling celebration of our newly redecorated photography studio, The Loft, in downtown Grants Pass. As a thank you to our guests we held a drawing for a complimentary photo shoot. Ian and Sassy were  two of the winners from that drawing.  I was very excited to do a shoot with them. I mean c’mon, look at them…they are both beautiful and interesting and so in love. And I am in love with their images. Even though Sassy said she was nervous, I really couldn’t tell. I always assure people that their nerves will melt away after the first 15 minutes because really we’re just hanging out together, having a nice time and sharing some laughs. And it’s that vibe that produces the most natural smiles and laughs and special moments that I want to give my clients. Something they’ll enjoy in the moment and something they’ll have to look back on in years to come.

Thank you Ian and Sassy for hanging out with me. You really did a bang up job just being yourselves and helping me make some beautiful art to hang on your walls and for me to brag about. Much love to you both. xo


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