My friends say that I’m fun, funny, passionate, creative, goofy, a loving mom and wife and a loyal friend. And they’re right (and they are all pretty darn cool themselves).  But I am also a photographer which means so much more to me than just clicking the shutter on my camera.  I am a passionate storyteller.

I want to share a few reasons why am so passionate about my craft…

Adventures and Experiences…My clients come to me for lots of reasons. I can tell you that at the end of the day they have had a great adventure and walk away, not only with great images that will last a lifetime, but with an experience they will always cherish.

Power and Beauty…I am absolutely incredibly passionate about showing people the power and beauty they posses. We all have it but sometimes we think we’ve lost it…trust me, you haven’t.

Creativity…it surrounds me and I thrive on creating and telling stories through beautiful, fun and playful imagery.

Friendship and Trust…I am lucky to form the best relationships with my clients whose trust I earn.  I don’t take my job for granted.  I am here for my clients and their needs, fantasies, wishes…

Let’s chat more about what we can create together!  Shoot me an email (mikell@mikelllouise.com) or give me a call/text at 541.660.3635



  1. Sue Fisher

    /Users/suefisher/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2009/IMG_1407_2.JPG 2009 halloween alice cooper concert/IMG_1412.JPG

    Mikel~ I’m sooo glad we had an oppertunity to meet! Wish we would have had a little longer to visit and get to know each other. I’ve really had a fun time with this whole “face in hole” thing…lol Your website is the “BEST”! Really have enjoyed reading things on your site! Your seriously, delightful! Hope to see you again very soon~ Sue 😉 p.s. be well!!!!

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