1. Lacey

    Love your photos! Im looking for a southern oregon photographer to take some boudoir / tasteful nude photos of me for my husband. I see you have some boudoir photos in your portfolio but they look about a year old or so. Do you have any more current photos or are you no longer taking boudoir photos?


    • Hi Lacey.

      Thank you! Yes, I am still doing boudoir photos…because of the private nature of boudoir I rarely have the option of posting the images as I leave it up to the discrepancy of my clients. One image from the most recent boudoir shoot I did is on my Facebook page (you can access is here.)

      If you are interested in hearing more or seeing my rates please let me know.


  2. lacey

    oh that’s totally what im looking for. could you send me some more samples to my email (if that’s okay) along with your rates. medfordhousewife at gmail dot com

    • Hi Dani.

      Thanks for your message. Sorry I am just now seeing it…your message went into my spam folder which I don’t check on a regular basis.

      My collections start at $425 which includes 25 digital images and 25 4″ x 4″ prints. I am happy to send my complete collection to you…just need your email address.


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