Spencer . Melea . Engagement Shoot

I’m a sensitive girl.  I cry at commercials (and anything remotely touching). I admit sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me cry…but Spencer and Melea gave me a really good reason to tear up.

We met up in a parking lot in Talent and I followed them to a spot they found together that they thought was really pretty…and it was. Acres and acres of beautiful orchards in every direction with gorgeous views that could be seen between the rows and rows of trees.  And a big huge sky above it all. It was really kind of dreamy. Plus there was a breeze blowing which I totally love because it makes my images look more alive and dynamic…love it when the hair blows gently across the face. So pretty!

Anyhow, I’ve known Melea for a few years and adore her. She’s one of the kindest most genuine people I know.This was my first time meeting Spencer and honestly, it felt like I’ve known him forever. So, I’m thinking what a beautiful little couple…it’s clear how in love they are and how much fun they have together. They just seem to really get one another. And that was enough to start my emotional drama because I just felt so moved by their love for one another and knowing that Melea had found her forever person was so wonderful.

If that wasn’t enough in itself, as we were walking to our next location, Spencer whips out a ukelele and starts singing to Melea. Then, if THAT wasn’t enough, Melea starts to sing with him. I was seriously witnessing the creation of a modern-day Von Trapp family (“Sound of Music” for those of you who don’t know who the Von Trapp’s are…is there anyone who doesn’t know that though?). Anyhow, I got all gooey and emotional about it. But who wouldn’t right? You’d have to have a dark, cold, black heart not to.  Shame on you if you’re not getting a little emotional with me. LOL  Oh, then I requested “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and they sang it beautifully…together.

Hugs and kisses to you Spencer and Melea…thank you for a truly special and fun afternoon in the orchards.
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