Bahamas Vacation

Oooooweeee! If I didn’t have photos to prove it I’d think it was all a dream. I’m thuper therious!

Our aunt and uncle rented a home for six weeks on a sleepy little island in the Bahamas and invited family to join them. We visited them the last week of their stay. Arriving to the island by water taxi, we were greeted by two extremely relaxed, tanned and happy people who had completely embraced the island life. It was if they had become Bahamians themselves, knowing all the ins and outs of this little island. Which included a nightly visit to Papa Scoops. A very very tiny outdoor ice cream shop where people in their golf carts lined up every night from 7-10 pm for soft serve ice cream. Of which they offered just two flavors. You had the option of getting one flavor or a swirl, and in a cup or a delicious waffle cone. We did this every single night we were there. Our butts might be bigger. We’re cool with that.

Our days consisted of waking up to the sound of the waves and palm trees outside our bedroom window. We waddled downstairs for a cup of coffee, bee bopped along the stepping stones out the backdoor to the beach, and plopped our Papa Scoops butts on some brightly colored adirondack chairs, in our jammies no less, and watched the waves and the occasional sting ray swim by.

When our coffee was done we’d saunter into the kitchen for a little breakfast and then it was time for the beach. Lathering our Oregon winter bodies in sunscreen…no less than 50 SPF…we’d throw on our attire for the day…bathing suits and flip flops.

We might snorkel, we might walk along the beach, search for shells or just sit back and relax for several hours. It didn’t really matter how long we did anything as we had no place to be. No agenda other than to be in the moment, soak it all in and enjoy every second.

We did stop at a local place for happy hour a few times. Sitting there in an outdoor restaurant, eating conch fritters and sipping on some tropical rummy drink with beachy music playing as the wind whipped through our hair. It was a movie. I’m sure it wasn’t real life.

I’d like to take this moment to talk about the water. It was warm. It was salty. And it was the most brilliant array of blues I’ve ever seen. Like aqua. Really, really vivid aqua. All different shades of it. Against big blue skies with the puffiest white clouds. It was surreal. Again. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t have been. Oh, and the white and pink sand. Pink sand! Staaappp!

I won’t bore you with all the details except to share that we are home now. Our skin is a darker shade of pale and our minds are slowly accepting the daily grind, but we are still dreaming about those waves, those beaches and that ice cream.

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