Emerson et al.

Jacksonville, Oregon on a Sunday

Soo, I was really a bit nervous going into this shoot…even though Isaac, Sunni and Emerson are my family.  I was a little nervous because I don’t really consider photographing babies one of my stronger suits. I see so many images of babies wrapped up in blankets, suspended in midair, in buckets, with flowers, on dogs, all tucked up like cute little bugs…and while I appreciate those images, it’s not me nor is it in me to do these things…and it’s what so many parents seem to want.  Who am I to take this sweet little baby and photograph him in my rebel way?  And what would that look like anyhow?  I’m all about flinging hair, motion, and a bit of edginess.  So, on my way to their home yesterday morning, I had a lot on my mind when I decided to let it go and just let it be.  I gave it all up to Emerson and let him be his little self. Instead of molding him and his parents into something, I just let them be. Consequently, there’s a little humor here and some tender moments…Emerson directed our shoot and he did a most excellent job of it.

One more thing…a baby has the power to make us be in the moment. They have a magical way of making the world slow down…so much, in fact, that I was able to really see the little things that matter…things that say “there’s someone here who is more important than taking down a month old birthday banner, or filling out a to do list.”  The really good stuff is hidden in the shadows, in the whispers and the nuances.

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  1. I love these photos Louise! And I am the one who usually does the babies in baskets thing. I try to encourage clients to a lifestyle shots but not that many are keen for many reasons. I love how you captured emotions there and their beautiful house decor!

    • Thank you so much Joanna! I love your work so much…and you do “baskets” beautifully! I tried it and it was so unnatural for me that it looked horrible. And yes, it’s what most parents want so I ended up just staying away from infant/baby portraits. We’ll see how my style goes…I may never get another call to do another infant photo shoot. LOL Thanks very much for your support xoxo

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